SV: Rajaram's bull

Francisco Caravana francisco.caravana at CLIX.PT
Mon Aug 7 11:57:47 UTC 2000

> Or do school books in Spain teach Spanish children about the
> genocide of the Incas by their ancestors? Or the brutalities
> inflicted on non-believers in the name of inquisition. The same

As a Portuguese member of the list I must say that we do, from the 5th grade
on (10-11 years of age) we learn about the "autos de fé" (burnings) the
injustice of inquisition  trials, the slave trade, the killing of whole
cultures, the selling of indulgences by the catholic church (we are a mostly
catholic country) etc.. etc... on our school history books.

That did't happen before 1974, but then we had a fascist "nationalist"

I don't think that it affects anyone's personality to know the truth, I
didn't stop loving my country because of that.

Francisco Caravana


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