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>And we cannot willingly falsify or deny what we regard as the truth, no
>matter how much this truth is abused and instrumentalized by some people in
>South Asia.

Is the record all that clean when it comes to Western history?

Do white children in America study in their text books that their
ancestors commited genocide on the native Indian population?

Or do school books in Spain teach Spanish children about the
genocide of the Incas by their ancestors? Or the brutalities
inflicted on non-believers in the name of inquisition. The same
applies for the Portuguese too.

Do children in Netherlands realize that the wealth that they enjoy
has left a bloody trail in Africa?

Do children in Germany study that their countrymen not so long ago,
did away with six million Jews?

Or do Russian children know that Stalin killed as many or probably

Or do English children know that their current wealth is a result of
systematic loot of countries like India? The wealth that British
citizens enjoy today is directly linked with the dire poverty of the
people in India. Will a English child know for her to live comfortably as a
citizen of a developed country, there're probably fifty children starving in

Atleast in these cases there can be little negative effect politically
- for all these countries committed these crimes on alien lands and
fled with the loot or like in America there're no native Indians to
protest against what had happened.

Take the case of Britain - that that British brutalized the Celts and
the Picts is well remembered by the affected peoples. But how well
documented is this part of history in England? How well documented is
the savagery let loose on the aborigines of England by sucessive bands
of Saxons and Normans - the rapes, the pillages, the decapitations, the
cultural repression?

If this information in all its gory detail is taught in the schools of
England, what effect do you think that this will have on the psyche of
the English children? Will the English then be able to strut around
claiming to be the torch bearers of civilization?

And What do you think will the reaction of the Scots, the Irish and the
Welsh be? The Scots and the Welsh would come out with their own form of
the IRA! And London will burn!

One could go on and on about the misdeeds of European nations. European
history is unmatched for its barbarism. So where's the scholarly
objectivity here, when it comes to telling what really happened?

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