Pravrajika Vrajaprana vraja at WEST.NET
Sat Aug 5 05:15:21 UTC 2000

Re: Claude Setzer's comment:

It is obvious that at least some "Indoologsts" could benefit
immensely by talking with native traditionalists before publishing
some of their sometimes be more objective, but it is also true that a
person outside of the tradition that uses a text can totally corrupt
the translation by missing the point of the text. After all, these
texts WERE written/created for the purpose of being used within a
tradition, not for the sake of later "translation" that ignores the
original context.

Bravo, point well taken. And kudos also to Vidyasankar Sundaresan for
his remarks re: Kali's Child. Had Jeffrey Kripal's manuscript been
read by someone within the Ramakrishna tradition--someone with a
better knowledge of Bengali and someone familiar with the source
books on Ramakrishna--he'd have produced a very different book.
Kali's Child suffers not only from faulty translation but from even
faultier documentation.

Pravrajika Vrajaprana

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