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nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Oct 29 21:59:27 UTC 1999

Selvakumar writes :

>The refrain in Nanda Chandran's postings about brahmins and
>and brahminism is so rabidly racisitic,

This is indeed ironic as I'm the one arguing against the existance
of seperate races in India and you're one of those who clamour for it!

And what I said is only according to the dharma shAstrams and if one
goes to traditional agrahArams in villages, one can experience the
reluctance of orthodox brahmins to mix with others. And I made it clear that
I excluded city bred brahmins from my definition of a true brahmin. How my
argument can still be interpreted on racist lines is beyond me!

If you still haven't got it, the line seperating a true brahmin and
others is his ideal of life and the his willingness to live his live
according to that ideal. And one of the main factors which ensured
the survival of the brahmin as the priestly caste is that, for all
their bluster the brahmin's detractors neither had a liking nor the
courage to do what the brahmin did for a living. The few who did,
were often honoured by brahminism itself.

Your inability to understand my line of thought is not my problem. But
please refrain from making absurd accusations.

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