Dominik Wujastyk, PLEEEZ READ!!!!

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Oct 29 23:25:27 UTC 1999

The latest piece of wisdom that we have here is:

>There's more to being a brahmin than mere Sanskritic learning.

Is spamming the internet with one's rants of them?

>An orthodox brahmin is somebody who lives by the Dharma ShAstrams. The
>brahmins who live in the city, work for a living etc do not fall in this
>category. Actually by that very way of life, they just prove
that they have not understood the ideal of life set forth in the dharma
shAstrams.ShankarAchArya in his dig vijayams is supposed to have
deliberately avoided cities, as the denizens of such places were
>supposed to be too corrupted and beyond all help!>>

If he avoided dig-vijayams,did he also  avoid "pig"-vijayams?..( Victories
over pigs!!!!)

>Let alone interacting with non-brahmins, foreigners etc these brahmins are
>not too keen to interact with their city bred relatives even.

Given the fact that some people suffer from diahorrea of the mouth and
constipation of the brain, they would repel everybody from irrespective of
origin, bucolic or otherwise....

  I thought that Jai Maharaj was the only PITA( Pain in the wherever)
on this discussion group only to discover that certain other posters
are actually "PITA"mahAs...

Dominik Wujastyk, can we see some moderation here pleeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz!

  Intervocalism has been replaced by something else which in turn has been
replaced by some other nonsense with two posters in a "jugalbandi"
mode...Twiddledeedum says something to which Twiddledeedee replies and
pontificates about how the world ought to run to which Twiddledeedum replies
with references which are rejected by Twiddledeedee who pontificates a
little more....When will this "Comedy of Errors" or "Tragedy of Horrors"


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