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Dear friends,
Please don't think that Keralites are not proud of the Dravidian
heritage.The only difference is that they are not fanatic about it.
Com.E.M.S. Nambudiripad has written a  book in Malayalam- Vedangalute Nad -
in which he has drawn attention to the multiple nature of our hertage.He
has considered the ancient Tamil literature on a par with the Vedic
literature.He has contributed a foreword to my
book-Advaitavedanta,Dialectics and Indian Philosophy- in which he disagrees
with my contention that there is dialectics in Advaitavedanta.He was
against setting up a sanskrit University in the state.
ChattambiSwamikal who was one of the founders of Kerala renaissance  has
written a book -Adibhasha-in which he has tried to establish that
Muladravidam was the Adibhasha from which all other languages
originated.The manuscript of the book was recently found out by me and I
have published it.efforts are going on to translate the book into Tamil.
One cannot also ignore the rich wealth of knowledge enshrined in Sanskrit.
Let us have a universal approach in these days of universal means of
communication, rather than narrow boastings in the name
language,creed,colour,country etc.
Dr.K.Maheswaran Nair
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> Subject: Re: varna and jati
> Date: Friday, May 28, 1999 12:26 AM
> >(Actually apart from the Tamils none of the other "Dravidians"
> >Andhrites, Kannadigas? Marathas?) seem keen on claiming a Dravidian
> >heritage or links with Tamil. Even in communist Kerala, Samskrutam
> >flourishes!).
> To some extent, this can be due to the poor state of wealth/economics
> among today's Tamils; The success of varNa dharma, sanskrit alphabets
> and words are some other reasons why Non-Tamil Dravidians
> are little shy of their Dravidian heritage.
> Greetings,
> Prasad
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