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Sameer Abbas writes :

>1. This is a bad example. The following reference at `The Revival of
>Dravidian Religion' homepage, shows that the Brahmins helped the
>Greeks to invade India: Kautilya the Brahmin engineered the Greek invasion
>by means of his pupil Chandragupta requesting arms and soldiers from
>Alexander in order to overthrow the Sudra Kingdom of Magadha :

Chanakya the brAhmana deposed off the Nanda kings of Shudra origin to
install Chandragupta as the new emperor. So what was Chandragupta's caste -

>The site answers the question `Why has Indian history been a series of
>invasions?' with the answer `Because the Brahmins engineered them'.
>A nexus between invading Muslims and invading Brahmins is also alleged.

So that they could cut their own throats? History also shows that the
Moslems targeted the brahmins specifically, as they formed the top caste,
who kept the flame of Hinduism burning strong.

And what would they gain by such motives. It couldn't be for money, as they
were anyhow poor and had voluntarily renounced wealth.

>2. The following reference reveals more about how the Brahmins came to
>power under the British :

The only reason that brahmins came to power under the Brits was that they
were both educated and honest. Plus they were the traditional leaders of the

But even the resistance movement against the Brits, was for most part led by
the brahmins - Gokhale, Tilak, Subramaniya BhArati, Nehru etc

And not all brahmins used peaceful methods. VAnjinAthan, who is still hailed
in Tamil Nadu for assassinating the British collector Ash, was a brahmin. So
were quite a few MaharAshtrian revolutionaries who paid with their lives for
such daring attempts.

>3. The following Hindutva reference praises the English for having
>encouraged and created Hindutva :
>and shows the manifestly pro-English bias of the RSS. Frank and open.

I'm sure it is!

>4. Most of the officers who `collaborated' with the Muslims were Brahmins.
>Many of the officials under Mogul rule were Brahmins. Many Brahmins
>received grants from temples, and actively supported Muslim

You should read the works of Sage VidhyAranya, who organized the Vijayanagar
empire as the Hindu bastion against the invading hordes of Islam and get his
opinions on the subject!

>5. The Brahmins of Sankara Mutt actively supported all Muslim rulers,
>and during the Independance struggle supported the Nizam of Hyderabad
>against the lower caste Dravidian Telugus. Many Brahmins now oppose
>anything Muslim, but their ancestors actively `collaborated'. So did the
>Rajputs, who helped the Moghuls conquer the south. Here, again, the
>fraternity of the `white races' (Brahmins, Rajputs, Foreign Muslims) comes
>to the fore.

In the first place, the battle wasn't between the Nizam and a few low caste
Telugus. Newly independent India wanted to annex Hyderabad and those Telugus
who supported it came from all castes.

And the two Shankara mutts of the South are in Kanchi and Shringeri, quite a
distance from Hyderabad. How could they have collaborated with the Nizam?
And what would they gain from such collaboration?

>Indeed, most of the Brahmins I have met went solely by skin color. They
>would keep company with a fellow European white or a `white' Muslim, but
>would have nothing to do with `lower caste' Sudra blacks. Hence, most
>Hare Rama Hare Krishna followers are whites, very few are blacks.

I'm from Tamil Nadu. I would be more comfortable with a Tamil speaking
person, whichever caste he might belong to, whichever color he might be -
since I share more things in common with him culturally - than any European
or Muslim, whatever their 'color' might be!

As Conon Doyle or Agatha Christie, point out : In all situations, look for
the people who benefit most - in most cases they are the culprits.

And I don't see any benefit to the brAhmana, in any of these situations.

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