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Sat May 22 00:58:48 UTC 1999

 >Vishal replies:
 >I am not competent enough to make a call on this issue.

If so, what particularly makes you think that you are competent enough
to dismiss Professor Thompson's hypothesis (which is firmly based on
the wide range of Rgvedic, as well as Avestan, texts) and even call it
         As for your own suggestions, how can you explain the fact
that the civilization of Classical Greece in the first four or five
centuries of its existence produced several times more texts than
Vedic India in its whole history? (If we take into account only
surviving texts, which is the only correct procedure). Should the
Greeks too claim a period of several millenia for their several
thousand titles or so? And what about China?

Shri Agarwalji,


Greek texts are much more varied in contents than
Vedic works - ritual priests' operation manuals usually.

I understand that you do not support Rajaram who is
of course opposed to Jan Gonda and George Thompson studying
our holiest of the holy books. Reading Gonda and Thompson
I do not feel they deserve the honor - "absurdity".

V. Iyer

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