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Vishal Agarwal wrote:
 > As an instance, I refer Indologists to 'Vedic Tantrism' (A translation of
Saunakiya Rigvidhana) in which Dr. Bhatta has shown the stark absurdities of
the earlier translation of the text by Dr. Gonda. The absurdities in Dr.
Gonda's translations are so glaring that one is let perplexed.

Vishal, could you give an example or two of these absurdities?
Paul Kekai Manansala

Vishal writes:

The book referred to here is 'Vedic Tantrism' by M.S. Bhat; Motilal
Banarsidass; 1987

1. VERSE 1.7: Here, the word Brahmana means the 'Brahmin caste' while Dr.
Gonda translates it otherwise, ignoring the fact that succeeding verses talk
of the other 3 castes (Pg. 282)

2. VERSE 1.22: Prof. Gonda has mistranslated the expression 'Avasanasya
Pati' as "The lord of Death". This violates the context. (Pg. 285)

3. VERSE 1.112: The word 'Vasamsi' is mistranslated by Dr. Gonda as
'residences'. The correct translation viz. clothes, is given by Dr. Bhat.
(Pg. 303)

I suggest you read the book yourself and compare the translation of Bhat and
Gonda with the original text. You will then discern what I meant.

Best regards,


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