aayadi sadvarga, vaastu proportioning measurements

Nicholas Bedworth nbedworth at HAWAII.RR.COM
Wed May 19 00:17:19 UTC 1999

We'd like to get a list of the main aayadi sadvarga formulae used in vaastu
design. We are interested in the numerical part (e.g., length x breadth
divided by 8 give some remainder) as well as the significance of each
remainder (Simhaayam, good for courts, residences, etc.).

Most works cite twelve formulae based upon the length and breadth (or the
perimeter, in some cases). Also, we'd like to know how the owner's lagna and
nakshatra relate to these formulae. The 12 main formulae are aadhaaya,
vyaya, aayush, yoni, nakshatra, tithi, vara, lagna, varga, amsa, dhristhi,

Got any ideas?

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