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Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Thu May 20 23:52:56 UTC 1999

Dear  Mr. Ganesan:

You  must  be  refering  to  the  late  Sri  T.A.Pai,  Minister  of
Railways  (?)  in  late  Mrs.  Gandhi's  cabinet.  Yes,  he  indeed  was
one  of  the  members  of  the  great  Pais  of  Manipal.  His  late
uncle  Dr. T.M.A.Pai  was  the  genius  behind  the  entire  Manipal
set  up.  He  was  the  founder  of  the  Syndicate  Bank  whose  HQ  is
still  at  Manipal.  Sri  Ramesh  Pai,  the  current  head  of  the  Pai
family  is  a  good  friend  of  mine.  He  stays  with  me  whenever
he  visits  the  DC  area.
The  Pais  are  indeed  KonkaNI-speaking  GauDa-SArasvat  MAdhvas.


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