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Tue May 4 14:20:02 UTC 1999

--- "N. Ganesan" <naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> >May be Arvind won't buy the opinions of Talageri, Rajaram, Frawley.
> >Has he written along with them??
> You probably forgot about S. Kak. Important point about most
> `Indigenous Aryan'  schoolers is that they do not know a *single*
> word in Tamil.

  One way to handle this is to increase the number of Professorships
in Tamil and other Dravidian language, lit. studies. Hope the Western
and Japanese universities do that. This issue was talked about before
particularly by Drs. Palaniappan and Zydenbos. Gladly, Dr. Martha Selby
is recently given a position at UTexas, Austin. Annac Chelvi,
D/O K. Paramasivan (teacher of Tamil to many Americans) conveys
her best wishes to Dr. Selby.


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