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The following is information regarding Summer Telugu Language Courses at
University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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Information on summer Telugu from Professor Velcheru Narayana Rao

Intensive Study June 7 - August 15, 1999

Two consecutive five-week sessions make up the intensive ten-week Asian
Languages Program.  The first session is offered June 7-July 11 (session
code CEE) and is followed by The second session, July 12-August 15 session
(code HEE).

Two sessions are the equivalent of two semesters of study.  Students may
take either one or two sessions.  Classes in each session meet four hours a
day, five days a week. Together these sessions provide students with the
equivalent of one complete year of language training. Unless otherwise
noted in the official summer timetable, undergraduate and special students
earn ten credits in the ten-week period; graduate students earn eight.

Telugu is the second largest language of India spoken by about 60 million
people.  Telugu-speaking people, commonly living in the state of Andhra
Pradesh, are characterized by their use of very expressive and musical
language which has continuous classical  literary tradition from the 11th
century and a dynamic modern literature. Telugu is equally well known for
its great oral literature.

LangAsia 303 & 304. Elementary Telugu Intensive teaches script and focuses
on conversational and reading skills. Students do not need any prior
knowledge of the language.

The class room atmosphere is user-friendly, intense but enjoyable. The
progress that students make from virtually no knowledge in the language to
a level where they  comfortably converse in Telugu on ordinary  topics
related to daily life is highly rewarding.

Usually students who want to go to Andhra Pradesh to do their fieldwork
have taken  this course.

Easy Admission and Registration

UW-Madison students continuing from 1997-98 spring semester do NOT NEED TO
APPLY FOR SUMMER 1999. Continuing students simply touch-tone register
according to instructions from the Registrar's Office. New and reentry
students should register for summer as early as possible. Contact the
following offices for information and applications.

University Special/Guest Student Office
905 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53715-1005
Phone: 608/262-2115
FAX: 608/265-2901

Nondegree students and students visiting from other campuses are among
students enrolled at  UW-Madison as University Special and Guest Students:
E-Mail: nondegree.student at ccmail.adp.wisc.edu Undergraduate Admissions
Office 140 Peterson Office Building 750 University Avenue Madison WI
53706-1490 Phone: 608/262-3961

Graduate School Admissions Office, 228 Bascom Hall, 500 Lincoln Drive,
Madison WI 53706-1380. Phone: 608/262-2433

Fees and Tuition (Expect an increase for Summer 1999)

Summer fees include use of the Wisconsin Union, campus laboratories and
libraries, health and recreational services.

Resident undergraduate and special students $918.95 for 10 credits
Nonresident undergraduate and special students $3,179.95 for 10 credits
Resident graduate students 1,435.95 for eight credits Nonresident graduate
students $4,465.95 for eight credits

Summer Housing

University Residence Halls, many with food service, are open to men and
women on a space-available basis. Brochures and applications are available
from the Residence Halls Office, Schlicter Hall, 625 Babcock Drive,
Madison, WI 53706; Phone: 608/262-5576; FAX: 608/262-4082.

Many rooms, efficiencies and apartments are available close to campus. The
Campus Assistance Center, 420 North Lake Street, Madison, can provide
vacancy listings for a small fee. For information call 608/263-2400.

Contact Information:

For a copy of the UW-Madison Summer Bulletin/Timetable (with official
course listings and application form), contact the Division of Continuing
Studies, Office of Summer Sessions, 905 University Avenue, Madison, WI
53715-1005.  Phone :608/262-2115.

More information may also be obtained from the UW-Madison Registrar's
Web Page.

Languages and Cultures of Asia, 1240 Van Hise Hall, 1220 Linden Drive,
Madison, WI 53706 can provide more information on the Asian Language
courses. Call 608/262-0524; fax: 608/265-3538. E-Mail:
LangAsia at facstaff.wisc.edu; http://polyglot.lss.wisc.edu/langasia

Terri Wipperfurth, Graduate Coordinator
Languages and Cultures of Asia (formerly South Asian Studies)
1238 Van Hise Hall, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Phone: 608/262-3012, Fax: 608/265-3538

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