CBS 60 Minutes on caste violence in India

Partha Banerjee partha at CAPITAL.NET
Sat Mar 20 13:39:55 UTC 1999

The CBS news program 60 Minutes will be airing a piece titled The Untouchables
on caste violence and untouchability in India this Sunday, March 21, at 7:00
p.m.  Human Rights Watch provided much background information for this
broadcast and is publishing a report on caste violence in India to be
released mid-April 1999.

(Info source: sec-dem-sa, etc.)


There was a long article in New York Times, March 15 (Monday) on violence
on "dalits/untouchables" in Bihar (India).

That article might have prompted this upcoming show on CBS.

The NYT article didn't have any mention of how dalits and the poor were
killed and tortured during the past Congress regimes in India (Congress
party is now led by Sonia Gandhi, a favorite of the US and Western govts
and media). People are being led to believe by the media that oppression
and killing of the poor and "lower castes" is just a recent phenomenon in
India and it has only started during the fascist/supremacist BJP/RSS/VHP

-Partha Banerjee

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