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Jadranka Schauer nimfa-promet at ZG.TEL.HR
Mon Mar 15 10:31:06 UTC 1999
their address is: admin at,
located in Calcutta.

Yashoda devi dasi

Krishna Susarla wrote:

> I'm visiting India this summer, and I am interested in getting the following
> books with the original Sanskrit (devanagari, not local language
> transcriptions). Can anyone please give the specific publication info for
> some suitable books (especially ISBN numbers if they have them)? Specific
> details about where to obtain them would also be welcome.
> Govinda-bhaashya by Baladeva Vidyabhuushana (I need something that has the
> original Sanskrit for the commentary)
> Vedaanta-syamantaka by Baladeva Vidyabhuushana
> Tattva-suutra by Bhaktivinode Thakur
> Amnaya-suutra by Bhaktivinod Thakur
> Bhagavat Sandarbha by Jiiva Gosvaamii
> Paramaatmaa Sandarbha by Jiiva Gosvaamii
> Priiti Sandarbha by Jiiva Gosvaamii
> Bhakti Sandarbha by Jiiva Gosvaamii
> Krishna Sandarbha by Jiiva Gosvaamii
> I also would like to know if anyone has published the so-called Krama
> Sandarbha and Sarva Samvaadini, both by Jiiva.
> If you only know of books that happen to have the translation also, that is
> okay. I just need books with the original Sanskrit in them. I am
> specifically going to visit South India (Madras, Bangalore, Vijayawada,
> Vizag) so if you know of locations in these areas that sell them, that would
> be helpful.
> thanks in advance,
> -- Krishna Susarla


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