Interested in Gaudiya Vaishnava books

Greg Jay gregjay at POI.NET
Tue Mar 16 05:06:04 UTC 1999

Dear Krishna Susarla, namaskaram

>Govinda-bhaashya by Baladeva Vidyabhuushana (I need something that has the
>original Sanskrit for the commentary)
>Vedaanta-syamantaka by Baladeva Vidyabhuushana
>Tattva-suutra by Bhaktivinode Thakur
>Amnaya-suutra by Bhaktivinod Thakur
>Bhagavat Sandarbha by Jiiva Gosvaamii
>Paramaatmaa Sandarbha by Jiiva Gosvaamii
>Priiti Sandarbha by Jiiva Gosvaamii
>Bhakti Sandarbha by Jiiva Gosvaamii
>Krishna Sandarbha by Jiiva Gosvaamii
>I also would like to know if anyone has published the so-called Krama
>Sandarbha and Sarva Samvaadini, both by Jiiva.

All these will be available in either Bengal or Vrndavan. The Puri Das
editions are considered very good. They are out of print now, but Srivatsa
Goswami of Jai Singh Gera may have them or information about how to get
them. Also Try Hari Das Sastri's place at Kaliya dara, he has a printing
press and has reprinted many of the Goswami's works. You may have to do
with Gaudiya Vaisnava books in Sanskrit Language but Bengali script.

>If you only know of books that happen to have the translation also, that is
>okay. I just need books with the original Sanskrit in them. I am
>specifically going to visit South India (Madras, Bangalore, Vijayawada,
>Vizag) so if you know of locations in these areas that sell them, that would
>be helpful.

Since there is NO Gaudiya Vaisnava influence in South, I wouldn't expect to
find anything there. You can try some of the South Indian branches of the
big book sellers like Motilal Banarsi Das, or Oxford India Books on St
Marks Road in Banagalore. If possible please visit North India and go to
Munsi Ram Manohar Lal at 54 Rani Janshi Rd, New Delhi, or Motilal and
Choukambha on Bungalow Rd (or Piccadilly Book Shop in Conaught Place) and
in Calcutta Sanskrit Pustak Bandhar on College St.

Greg Jay
(G. Keshava das)

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