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"Chandrasekaran, Periannan"             
<Periannan.Chandrasekaran at DELTA-AIR.COM> wrote:
> The Cologne Online Tamil Dictionary returns  the following entries
> for a search on kalApam...> otl kalApam kalApam 01 1. women's zone of beads
of bells consisting of 16> strands; 2. jewelled girdle of a woman; 3.
peacock's tail;> 4. umbrella made of peacock's feathers> > otl kalApam kalApam
02 rising, disturbance, uproar, raid, invasion> otl kalApam kalApam 1.
collection; cluster; 2. quiver (TLS)> interestingly there is a word 'kAlapam'
which has the following entry:> kALapam> otl kALapam kALapam battle, fight,

The transform p~~h is common in Kannada. It will be of interest to trace
the old forms of kalaham = disurbance, fight...


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