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>> In the astrological texts I am studying, the word kalaapa
> frequently occurs
> in contexts which seem to suggest the meaning 'strife,
> quarrel, fight' etc.
> However, I do not find this meaning supported by the standard Sanskrit
> dictionaries available to me. Have list members come across
> such uses of
> kalaapa anywhere?

The Cologne Online Tamil Dictionary returns  the following entries
for a search on kalApam.



otl kalApam kalApam 01 1. women's zone of beads of bells consisting of 16
strands; 2. jewelled girdle of a woman; 3. peacock's tail;
4. umbrella made of peacock's feathers

otl kalApam kalApam 02 rising, disturbance, uproar, raid, invasion


otl kalApam kalApam 1. collection; cluster; 2. quiver (TLS)
interestingly there is a word 'kAlapam' which has the following entry:


otl kALapam kALapam battle, fight, warfare

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