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Dear Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan

Thank you for the email with interesting answers.

> Apparently, at one place, the author refers to vidiza (modern Bhelsa,
> M.P.) as being situated between west and north (pazcimottarayomadhyam).
> This is taken by scholars to imply that the place of authorship was
> probably dhAnyakaTaka. You may want to compare this against the suggestion
> of Bengal and see which is more likely.
I see, but in any case it is not doubted that the origin of AMMK is 
not in South India (T.N., K.), is it?

K.P. Jayaswal reasoning is based on one parivarta of AMMK called 
rAjavyAkarana-parivarta, a part of 1005 verses. KPJ says that 
author of AMMK pays the greatest attention to gauDa and 
The AMMK survey from nAga and gupta up to pAla times  is 
basically survey from gauDa and its surroundings written from the 
point of view of gauDa, showing intimate concern with gauDa and 
surrounding provincies. KPj says that for the authorof AMMK 
gauDa meant the whole of Bengal and it includes magadha.

But i suppose that it is possible that it can be due to simple reason
- that the history in AMMK is spoken
as prophecy from the mouth of Buddha and it may not be related 
author's location.

> In an earlier posting Petr Mares mentioned that vajrabodhi visited Lanka
> before he visited Ceylon. In this connection, has Petr explored why the
> name of the river which originates from the Potiyil (malaya) mountain of
> south India is also the name for the island of Ceylon, tAmraparNi?

It is very interesting note but I have to admit that I have very little 
resources about the South India here - much less than I would like 
to have - to enable me to find out basically anything about 
tAmraparNi. You have some answer?
> According to Lal Mani Joshi the sarvatathAgatAdhiSThAna-vyUha, a
> semi-tantric Buddhist text found in Gilgit and belonging to the 5th or 6th
> century A.D. states that the Lord delivered this text at Potalaka parvata.
> Does anybody know more about this text and what exactly it says regarding
> the location of Potalaka? How old is the manuscript?

There is very interesting site discussing Gilgit manuscripts at:

They have a large biblio about publications related to Gilgit sutras

and they list the sutras on:

professor Yao-ming Tsai who is responsible for this part of the site 
may know the answers.


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