Ma~Nju/SrImUlakalpa and MaNimEkalai

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>I am sorry to state that there are no ancient manuscripts or engravings
>related to the MaNimEkalai. The dating of this work remains difficult and
>different scholars have dated it from 2nd c. AD to tenth century AD. I have
>discussed the difficulties, including arguments of other scholars who
>assert various dates and have concluded that the sixth century AD is the
>most acceptable date.
>I will not say that the date has been proved.

Dear Alvappillai Veluppillai

Thank you for the email and the detailed answer, regarding the metter I would like to ask few more detailed question if you or anybody can find time to answer.
Here they are:
Are the 
1.    traces of Buddhism in  Purananuru, 
2.    Silappadhikaram of the Jain poet Ilango Adigal, 
4.    quotations from Ilambodhiyar  found in the Natrinai,
5.    Nilakesi,
6.    quotations from Kundaleksi by Nagaguttanar
7.    MaNimEkhalai
8.    or other south Indian early literature

giving any definite time when the arguments between
1.    Jains (tIrthakaras) and Buddhists
2.    sAmkhya and mahAyAna
in South India started and what was the main areas they were dissagreeing on?
Are the tIrthakaras to be identified with the sAmkhya thought in this case?

Are there any traces in the above works about
1.    their different understanding of saMsthAna-viniv.rttiH
2.    their different understanding of nirvANa.
2a.    Was it concerned with the tIrthakaras believe, that nirvANa can be attained through
2b.    Was it concerned with their understanding of prak.rti-puruSa-antara-dar/SanaM and guNa-pariNAma-kart.rtvam in relation to nirvAna    

When were these discussions going on in South India, does anybody know?


Petr Mares

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