Ma~Nju/SrImUlakalpa and MaNimEkalai

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Fri Mar 5 08:44:41 UTC 1999

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>>  Are there any ancient manuscripts or engravings related to
>>  MaNimEkalai or how is its age prooved?
>May be Dr. A. Veluppillai at Uppasala can discuss this more.

>S. Palaniappan

I am sorry to state that there are no ancient manuscripts or engravings
related to the MaNimEkalai. The dating of this work remains difficult and
different scholars have dated it from 2nd c. AD to tenth century AD. I have
discussed the difficulties, including arguments of other scholars who
assert various dates and have concluded that the sixth century AD is the
most acceptable date.
I will not say that the date has been proved.
For a discussion of this problem, see my article 'Historical Background of
the MaNimEkalai and Indigenization of Buddhism' in the vol. ' A Buddhist
Woman's Path to Enlighenment' Uppsala University, 1997, ed. Peter Schalk.

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