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Aditya, the Hindu Skeptic wrote:
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> > Rama's birth should seen in all its profundity and sanctity as a mythical retelling of
> > the perfectly legal ancient system of niyoga.  To put it too simply and briefly,
> > niyoga was Vedic and post Vedic practice (surviving as customary law in amended form
> On what basis do you assert that the system of Niyoga was Vedic? In
> which Veda is it prescribed? Please provide some reference.
> Of course, Ramayan is an epic with mythical characters created by its
> author who in tradition of day even had himself participate in its story
> as real life character. Who are you to say what he had in mind other
> than what you can read in his writing?
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Regarding evidence of Niyoga in Vedas please refer Rgv 10th Mandala.
Vedic also means the vedic parampara , all grihya sutras and MAnu,
Yajnyavalka etc elaborate on Niyoga. Manusmriti Ch9.

The presence of the "author" as a character in his own created work is a
methodological device followed in many ancient Indian texts. There is a
whole system in taking such a posture as a dramatic device.
Let us not look at things with a wooden realism.  I hope you shall be kind enough to
look at all the techniques of expression used in older systems and perform a detailed
skepsis ( which in Greek means deep thought and reasoning, of which questioning is only
a part) and live upto your title of "skeptik"
Bharat Gupt
Assoc Prof. Delhi Univ.

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