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Bharat Gupt wrote:

> Regarding evidence of Niyoga in Vedas please refer Rgv 10th Mandala.
> Vedic also means the vedic parampara , all grihya sutras and MAnu,
> Yajnyavalka etc elaborate on Niyoga. Manusmriti Ch9.

There is no single straight line 'Paraampara' and Manusmrit does have a
detailed description of Niyoga but it is such a discredited document
that any mention of it would be anathema to many Hidnua. It is used to
justify rigid casteism including untouchability and injustices which
goes even beyond what Hitler contemplated.

Since it was such an old practice why do think Valmiki not mention it?
If you want to give your interpretation then just say so but do not
ascribe to Valmiki. As I said earlier, I have my own interpretation of
Ramayan to which you agree in your next sentence.

> The presence of the "author" as a character in his own created work is a
> methodological device followed in many ancient Indian texts. There is a
> whole system in taking such a posture as a dramatic device.

> Let us not look at things with a wooden realism.  I hope you shall be kind enough to
> look at all the techniques of expression used in older systems and perform a detailed
> skepsis ( which in Greek means deep thought and reasoning, of which questioning is only
> a part) and live upto your title of "skeptik"

I do not need a lesson from you on the meaning of the words that I use
but could you just explain the terms that you use such as difference
between  wooden realism and metallic realism?

It seems that this discussion is going beyond the general interest of
the list members, therefore it would be better if now on we carry on off
the list since you addressed it my attention anyway. Please do not
respond to the  list.
Have a peaceful and joyous day.
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