The conception of Rama

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At 08:52 29.06.1999 -0400, Aditya the Hindu Sceptic wrote:

>>Bharat Gupt wrote:

>> Regarding evidence of Niyoga in Vedas please refer Rgv 10th Mandala.
>> Vedic also means the vedic parampara , all grihya sutras and MAnu,
>> Yajnyavalka etc elaborate on Niyoga. Manusmriti Ch9.

>There is no single straight line 'Paraampara' and Manusmrit does have a
>detailed description of Niyoga but it is such a >

If anyone is interested - most probably RV X:10.10 is meant (Yama & Yami),
where - according to Swami Dayananda's translation Yama says: "Desire
another husband than myself". Hundred years ago a subject of heated dispute
between sanskritists and Arya-Samajists.

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