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Wed Jun 16 14:40:03 UTC 1999

  N.Ganesan wrote:
 > See Elli Marlow, More on the Uralo-Dravidian relationship: A
 > comparison of Uralic and Dravidian etymological vocabularies, PhD
 > thesis, UTexas, Austin, 1974 [Advisor: A. F. Sjoberg]
 > ... the salient work in this
 > field is the unpublished dissertation of Marlow (1974)
 > ... Tyler (1986) in a recent unpublished paper ...

*Thank you, seems interesting; but how can I read them here, in *Hungary?

Does (East) European universities have a Inter-Libarary Loan
exchange facilities with those in USA? That's one route.

Easy way: Order Marlow's PhD diss. photocopy through UMI
(University Microfilms Inc.?) in Michigan. They can be reached
thru' the web. If you read Marlow, may be you can add
more data.

I have a friend, Dr. N. Gopalasamy who teaches astronomy
at Johns Hopkins. He is a fine tamil poet; On his visits
to Finland to attend Seminars, he found there are many words
like tamil.

N. Ganesan

N. Ganesan

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