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This seems highly improbable (if they met the Uralians before that
:-)), if at least some of the suggested lexical connections are valid.
E. g. my favourite, Tamil 'mIn' 1. fish 2. star ~ Hungarian 'meny'
1. a kind of fish (2. daughter-in-law) and 'menny' heaven. If you
compare the 'audible distance' with (another favourite) Greek
'hepetai' ~ Sanskrit 'sacate', both meaning 'follows' in two fairly
closely related languages - I hope my point will seem convincing.

Does Hungarian meny (a kind of fish) and menny (heaven)
come from a verb something to do with brightness or shining?

Ta. mIn (star and fish) comes from the verb "min" (to shine,
to be bright etc.,). Compare Ta. 'minnal' = lightning.

Just like naL -> nAL, 'nAL mIn'=night star.
Also, from 'peL' -> 'pENu' (to desire, to protect) (cf. peN,
piLLai etc) and 'veL' -> 'vELvi' ('desire', vedic sacrifice,
'desiring grace of gods'?)
(From 'peL/veL' we have peNNARu/veNNARU -> Skt. vENA river in Punjab,
vEN gaGga, kRSNa vENI in A.P. etc.

N. Ganesan

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