Original Dravidian Homeland

Ferenc Ruzsa f_ruzsa at ISIS.ELTE.HU
Wed Jun 16 14:05:42 UTC 1999

Lars Martin Fosse wrote:
> (Sergent
> assumes that the Dravidians reached India before the eighth millennium

This seems highly improbable (if they met the Uralians before that :-)), if
at least some of the suggested lexical connections are valid. E. g. my
favourite, Tamil 'mIn' 1. fish 2. star ~ Hungarian 'meny' 1. a kind of fish
(2. daughter-in-law) and 'menny' heaven. If you compare the 'audible
distance' with (another favourite) Greek 'hepetai' ~ Sanskrit 'sacate', both
meaning 'follows' in two fairly closely related languages - I hope my point
will seem convincing.


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