Original Dravidian Homeland

Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
Sun Jun 13 17:11:28 UTC 1999

> 1.  The  Indians  are  ONE  people  and  this  whole  Aryan-Dravidian
> thing  is  just  a  farce.  (Hindutva  crowd)
> 2.  The  Dravidians  were  the  original  people  of  India  and  the
> Aryans  came  from  the  outside.  (Max  Muller  et  al)
> 3.  The  Aryans  were  the  original  people  of  India  and  the
> Dravidians  came  from  the  outside.  (know  not  who  espouses  this?)
> 4.  Both  the  Aryans  and  Dravidians  entered  India  from  the
> outside.  (again,  know  not  who  advocates  this?)
> Also,  I  am  given  to  understand  that  all  mankind  once  come  out
> of  an  "Adi-Fred  Flintstone"  in  Africa,  why  just  the  Dravidians?

I am venturing into territory here where I don't strictly belong, but from what I believe I have heard, there are two versions of the out-of-Africa theory: One assumes that we are all descended from an early homo sapiens. The second assumes that some humans developed from an earlier form of homo (erectus or something), so that we don't all have homo sapiens as ancestor. But I immediately profess a complete lack of professionality in these matters and ask for clarification. 

As for India, it goes without saying that no matter whether who we descend from everybody comes from Africa in the final analysis. The Dravidians, by the way, were not the first to arrive in India. There were other populations in India before the Dravidians. These have more or less been absorbed by the present populations.  This is about as far as my knowledge goes, so others: please step in.

Lars Martin Fosse

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