Original Dravidian Homeland

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Sun Jun 13 14:33:06 UTC 1999

Dear  Dr.Fosse:

Thanks  for  your  prompt  reply.  So,  does  that  mean  there  are  4
theories  now  on  this  whole  issue;

1.  The  Indians  are  ONE  people  and  this  whole  Aryan-Dravidian
thing  is  just  a  farce.  (Hindutva  crowd)

2.  The  Dravidians  were  the  original  people  of  India  and  the
Aryans  came  from  the  outside.  (Max  Muller  et  al)

3.  The  Aryans  were  the  original  people  of  India  and  the
Dravidians  came  from  the  outside.  (know  not  who  espouses  this?)

4.  Both  the  Aryans  and  Dravidians  entered  India  from  the
outside.  (again,  know  not  who  advocates  this?)

Perhaps,  there  are  more  combination  theories.  Since  I  am  not
yet  a  "catuShkoTi  vinirmukta"  I  will  stick  with  these  four.  It
is  confusing  enough.  Which  one  these  theories  or  any  other  has
the  greatest  scholarly  support  and  why?  Kindly  clarify.

Also,  I  am  given  to  understand  that  all  mankind  once  come  out
of  an  "Adi-Fred  Flintstone"  in  Africa,  why  just  the  Dravidians?


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