Christianity in Israel (Was:Buddhist revival movement in India)

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I missed this error in an earlier posting by Balaji Hebbar and noted
it in a subsequent exchange.  I think it should not go uncorrected
thought it is not strictly Indology material and do not wish to open a
new chain:

<<Similarly,  though  Christianity  was  born  in  Israel,  it  is
today found  in  Europe  and  not  in  Israel.>>

I do not have figures at hand but a significant percentage of the
populations of Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Authority
territory are Christian, though they are tending to leave both
jurisdictions because of economic and other pressures both from the
Israelis (which the local leaderships will complain about openly) and
from the Muslims (about which they feel they have to be more
discreet).  Of course they are a minority but not a tiny one.  They
also form about %10 of the populations of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq.

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