The "PurANa of the Future", Noah and Queen Victoria (was: Historicity of the Flood)

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> Thanks to Paolo Magnone, BTW,  for the rich number of citations from his
> forthcoming article: especially to the
> >.... well known BhaviSya PuraaNa
> >passage referring to the Nyuuha (i. e., Noah) myth!
> Is it also the case that that purana of the future _foretells_ the reign
> of queen Victoria? Chapter and verse citations would be appreciated for
> both passages.

The Noah myth is found in BhSP III, 1, 4, 45 ff. NyUha's name is
even provided with an etymology:

nirgatastUha (?) eva saH / tasmAd nyUhaH smRtaH

He has three sons: SIma, Zama and BhAva and is a fervent
ViSNubhakta. ViSNu appears in a dream announcing the
forthcoming pralaya in seven days and directing him to escape with
his kin. NyUha builds a ship (measuring as in the Genesis) and
boards it, while the SaMvartaka clouds pour water for 40 days
submerging the whole of BhAratavarSa. The survivors praise the
goddess, ViSNu's mAyA, the waters subside, and in the distance
(ArAt !) are seen the Himalayan slopes called ZiSiNA where the
ship finally lands.

As for queen Victoria, the passage in question must be BhSP III, 4,
22, 72 ff., which is, however, quite unclear. It is about the monkey-
faced (!) GuruNDas, the progeny of VikaTa (an ape ally of RAma),
come for the purpose of trade, followers of the BauddhamArga and
adherents of the creed of Izaputra (i. e. Jesus). Entrusted by Hari
with the charge of the people, they settled in KalikAtA.VikaTAvatI,
the queen (tatpanI = tat-patnI ?) of the western island of VikaTa,
set up a royal counsel by way of the 8 Kauzala, and its king
(tatpati) PulomArci went to KalikAtA...

Any historians on the list who can offer a detailed explanation of
the references?

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