Christianity in Israel (Was:Buddhist revival movement in India)

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Tue Jun 8 16:34:28 UTC 1999

Mr. Thrasher:

I  posted  on  June  1st  that  (and  I  repeat  here):

I  am  fully  aware  that  there  are  Christians  AND  Muslims  living
in  the  territory  of  the  State  of  Israel  BUT  their  native
tongue  is  ARABIC  not  HEBREW!  They  are  Israeli  citizens,  so
they  learn  Hebrew  in  school.

On  the  other  hand  there  are  ethnic  South-Asian  Buddhist,  some
neo-Buddhists  like  the  Marathi-speaking  Mahars  and  some
traditional  ones  like  some  Bengalis  from  Bangladesh.  In  fact, on
June  13th  they  are  having  a  big  ("tAn"  ceremony)  at  the
Cambodian  Buddhist  temple  on  New  Hampshire  Ave,  Silver  Spring,
MD.  I  believe  there  are  some  200  Bengali  Buddhist  families  in
the  Washington  DC  metro  area.

On  the  side,  I  am  aware  that  some  prominent  Arabs  are
Christians:  e.g.  Boutros-Ghali  (former  UN  Secy  General),  Hanan
Ashrawi  (Palestenian  negotiator)  and  Tariq  Aziz  (Saddam  Hussein's
inner  cabinet  member)!


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