George Thompson thompson at JLC.NET
Tue Jun 1 00:43:39 UTC 1999

Dear List,

In spite of the plaintive tone of my previous post, I agree with all of
Harry Falk's remarks, including the final ones below. I have benefitted a
great deal from being a member of this list, and I intend to continue to
support it.

I'd even like to discuss, for example, the dating of the Rgveda, but I do
not know how to do that without stepping into an enormous swamp of

The truth is, as Dr.K.Maeswaran Nair recently suggested, I am open-minded
about the dating, and in any case my suggestion for a date of 1000 BCE was
based on a comparison of certain features of the RV with similar features
in old Avestan. And it was not ever intended as a diminution of
contemporary Vaidika culture. No matter how old the RV, I am interested in
*it*, and not in its use by contemporary Vaidikas, or anyone else. These
are, in my view, two distinct fields of study.

I would like to co-exist on this list with Vaidikas and other
traditionalists, but for obvious reasons I do not want to argue with them.

Best wishes,

George Thompson

At 12:31 AM 6/1/1999 +0200, you wrote:

[much deleted]

>emails. We should find a way to survive the present conditions. The idea
to have
>list was great and it still deserves to be supported.
>Harry Falk

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