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Tue Jun 1 05:30:40 UTC 1999

On Mon, 31 May 1999, George Thompson wrote:
> I'd even like to discuss, for example, the dating of the Rgveda, but I do
> not know how to do that without stepping into an enormous swamp of
> vituperation.

 The only solution is the excellent subject line: Resist ! Fight for you
theories, and crush your opponents ! You can't do that on a list where
everyone agrees with you. So indology is the best place to do so. If you
think that somebody is talking nonsense, the only solution is to smash
those theories.

> but for obvious reasons I do not want to argue with them.

 I do not think that by crushing one's opponents that `academic
credibility' is harmed. Rather, good polemics helps the standing of a
theory. It is a useful skill, and is becoming increasingly necessary.

 Indeed, the lack of resistance is what encourages the rise of nonsense.
A few years down the road, people will ask, howcome indologists in the
1990s could not refute theories like:

- " Bacchus and Dionysis, among the earliest invaders of Bharat, suffered
such a defeat that feelings of terror ran in Greece"

- " The theory that Rajputs are descendants of Sakas is a European
conspiracy "

- " India itself was the original home of the Aryans. All other theories
are Christian conspiracies."

- " The North Pole was in central Bihar "

- " Jesus Christ roamed the Himalayas and drew his ideas from Hinduism."

- " Homer adapted Valmiki's Ramayana into an epic called Iliad. "

- " The cow is the mother of us all, in whose body Gods are believed to
reside. "

- " Alexander's army was defeated at the hands of Puru and Alexander
himself had to seek forgiveness "

- " Qutb Minar was constructed by Samundragupta, and its original name was
Vushnu Sthambha "

- " When Peshava Madhav Rao came to the throne no one could raise his
eyes. The English, the French and the Portuguese shivered; they
presented gifts in homage in his court with their heads bowed. "

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`Sitting quiet is what has allowed the weeds to grow to the extent that
they have. If they grow further, it shall be difficult to uproot them
later.' - Chinese Proverb

`Fight fire with fire' - Ancient Wisdom


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