SV: publication of the Aryan-non-Aryan conference volume

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Jul 26 08:18:29 UTC 1999

Dear Lars,

the HOS OPERA MINORA (all the three of them) should be ordered from

South Asia Books
P.O.Box 502
Columbia MO 06505
sabooks at
fax 573-474-8124

and NOT from Harvard University Press, from where the *main* Series is
published & sold.

The ISBN no. for Vol. 3 is : 1-888789-04-2
Price $ 35

Hope this helps
Yours Michael

>Dear Madhav,
>apparently in order to order the book from HUP, we need the ISBN number. I
>not been able to dig this out from the Internet for some reason. Could you be
>so kind as to let us know?

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