publication of the Aryan-non-Aryan conference volume

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at UMICH.EDU
Mon Jul 26 02:55:26 UTC 1999

Dear Colleagues,
        I am pleased to announce the publication of the papers from the
October 1996 Michigan-Laussane International Seminar on Aryan and
Non-Aryan in South Asia : Evidence, Interpretation and Ideology.

                                        Madhav Deshpande

Harvard Oriental Series, Opera Minora Vol. 3, 1999

Evidence, Interpretation and Ideology

Edited by Johannes Bronkhorst and Madhav M. Deshpande

distributed by South Asia Books, Columbia, Missouri
(For details, see:

The 406 page volume contains a preface by the editors, and the following

H.H. Hock:  "Out of India?  The linguistic evidence"

N.J. Allen: " Hinduism as Indo-European:  Cultural comparativism and
political sensitivities"

J. Bronkhorst:  "Is there an inner conflict of tradition?"

E. Bryant:  "Linguistic substrata and the indigenous Aryan debate"

S.L. Caldwell: "Whose goddes?  Kali as cultural champion in Kerala"

M.M. Deshpande: "What to do with the Anaryas?  Dharmic discourses of
inclusion and exclusion"

L. Gomez: "Nobel lineage and august demeanor:  Religious and social
meanings of Aryan virtue"

H.H. Hock:  "Through a glass darkly:  Modern 'racial' interpretations vs.
textual and general prehistoric evidence on arya and dasa/dasyu in Vedic

A. Parpola:  "The iconography and cult of Kutticcattan"

S. Ratnagar:  "Does archaeology hold the answers?"

Jim Schaffer and D. Lichtenstein:  "Migration, philolology and South Asian

P. Singh:  "Revisiting the Arya-Samaj movement"

T.R. Trautmann:  "Constructing the racial theory of Indian civilization"

G.L. Windfuhr: "A note on Aryaman's social and cosmic setting"

M. Witzel: "Aryan and non-Aryan names in Vedic India.  Data for the
linguistic situation, c. 1900-500 B.C."

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