Q: Looking for Sanskrit Texts

Paolo Magnone p.magnone at AGORA.STM.IT
Sun Jul 25 21:37:41 UTC 1999

Dear friends,

I have received the following inquiry. Can anybody help?

> Dear Prof. Magnone, I have been searching for the Siva Sankalpa Suktam
> which I cannot find anywhere, and the Mantra Pushpam which is included in
> the Taittiriya Mantra Kosha as a suktam. From which area of works does
> Mantra Pushpam come? Neither of these texts are listed in Bloomfield's Vedic
> Concordance therefore I assume they do not come from the Vedas. I would like to
> have a copy of it in Devanagari - do you know of one? I would also like to have
> an English translation of Taittiriya Mantra Kosha - can you help? Helen Ovens.

Paolo Magnone
p.magnone at agora.stm.it
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