Q: Looking for Sanskrit Texts

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian ramakris at EROLS.COM
Sun Jul 25 23:22:21 UTC 1999

Paolo Magnone <p.magnone at AGORA.STM.IT> wrote:

> > Dear Prof. Magnone, I have been searching for the Siva Sankalpa
> > which I cannot find anywhere, and the Mantra Pushpam which is
included in
> > the Taittiriya Mantra Kosha as a suktam. From which area of works
> > Mantra Pushpam come? Neither of these texts are listed in
Bloomfield's Vedic

The mantra pushhpam is not a sUktam and just a collation of various
texts. All the mantras under the mantra pushhpam in the Ramakrishna
Mutt edition are from the section of the tatittirIya AraNyaka known as
sUryanamaskAraH prashnaH. They are certainly from the vedas.

> > Concordance therefore I assume they do not come from the Vedas. I
would like to
> > have a copy of it in Devanagari - do you know of one? I would also
like to have

This is included in a recent publication of the Ramakrishna Mutt
called mantrapushhpam. It includes this text called mantrapushhpam
along with all the standard upanishhads, sUktams and so on.

I have no idea what the shivasa.nkalpa sUktam is. If you find let me
know. Thanks.


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