Indian Lunar Religious Holidays

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re: panchang, have you checked out that published by the Subramunyaswami
Hindu Temple Society on Kauai? They probably have theirs done by done for
2K, and it's very detailed.

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> Dear Indologists,
> Can someone tell me if it is always the case that if the end time of a
> of a Hindu lunar holiday occurs after sunrise on a particular solar day
> the holiday is celebrated on that day?  I am trying to find out if there
> any exceptions?  For example if the end of the tithi of Shivaratri, Guru
> Purnima or Ganesha Jayanti occured shortly after sunrise on a particular
> (with the bulk occuring in the previous solar day) would it be celebrated
> that day or the previous day?  Also do Hindu temples in North America ever
> adjust the timing of their celebrations to coincide with the celebrations
> India?
> Can the calendar published in "The Indian Astronomical Ephemeris" based on
> the Calendar Reform Committee (1957)be taken as giving the generally
> accepted dates for religious holidays.  Are there cases where the
> traditional calendric practices give different results and communities
> follow these instead?
> Also can someone give me the address where I can get a Panchanga for all
> year 2000.  I have been able to find several for 1999 but none already out
> for 2000?
> Thank you in advance,
> Harry Spier
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