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Dravidian has min meaning both 'shine' and 'fish'. Is this a coincidence?
Or a link with the Nilo-saharan?

"H. Mark Hubey" <HubeyH at MAIL.MONTCLAIR.EDU> wrote:
> Ferenc Ruzsa wrote:
> >
> > >Does Hungarian meny (a kind of fish) and menny (heaven)
> > >come from a verb something to do with brightness or shining?
> >
> > To my best knowledge not. (Though you can say lightning with 'menny' also
> > hungarian, but they are plain compounds: 'mennyko' (heaven-stone) and
> > 'mennyd�rg�s' (heaven-thunder).)
> I wanted to keep out of this, but this word can be connected with
> minngi (Karachay-Balkar mountain name as in Minngi TAu) and something
> like
> Minngir (or Mungur) from one of the Nilo-Saharan languages which denotes
> something like a god that lives in the sky or in high places or is the
> name
> of a mountain where a god (sky god lives). I think I read it in a book
> or article relating to NS or Dravidian.
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