Original Dravidian Homeland

Mahalingam Rajagopalan parkrv at AOL.COM
Mon Jul 5 18:03:06 UTC 1999

I was interested in Mr.Ganesan's post about the connection between Finnish
and Tamil. The following may be of interest to you. I had a Russian
friend,who was a professor of Indology in Leningrad University. He was
teaching Tamil and doing research in Linguistics with some Finnish and
Hungarian students. He told me that there is a great similarity between
Tamil and Finnish and Hungarian. He explained to me how linguists compare
words going to the root of words. The number of words he showed were too
many to be a coincidence. Although I cannot believe that there is a
connection between Tamil people and Hungarians and Finns, the evidence
seems to be convincing.
Regards . MR

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