Rta, satya, dharma

Martin Gansten Martin.Gansten at TEOL.LU.SE
Thu Jul 1 11:23:42 UTC 1999

>> (1)  zrutir vibhinnA smRtayash ca bhinnA
>> >        naiko munir yasya vacaH pramANam /
>> >        dharmasya tattvaM nihitaM guhAyAM
>> >        mahAjano yena gataH sa panthAH // (Mahabharata)
>You find the verse in a slightly different form in the Bombay editions of
>the Mahabharata (with Nilakantha's commentary), 3.113.117 (= Poona Ed. 3,
>App. 32, line 65-68). The first line reads:
>tarko 'pratiSThaH zrutayo vibhinnA

I have heard this verse quoted several times with the first line as given by
Prof. von Simson, and the second line as follows:
        nAsAv RSir yasya mataM na bhinnam
-- a caustic remark which holds true even today.

Martin Gansten

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