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>If it is granted that the Natyasastra is the oldest text of musicological
>terms, that older that Sangam literature and Silapaddikaram ( I have
>demostrated that Natyasastra preceded in
>its earliest versions the the Valmikiya Ramayana , pl see
>my book ,  Dramatic Concepts Greek and Indian, DELHI, D.K.
>Printworld, 1994, MURAJA is the most important drum instrument of the
>ancient times. Chapters 28, 33, 34 and 36 all mention its playig in detail.

  Thanks, Prof. Gupt. I read that the Natya Sastra in its available
form is around 4-5th centuries A.D. "muraja", *the most
important drum instrument of the ancient times*, and
classical Tamil "muracam/muracu/muraicu" - do people like
Burrow, Kuiper or Mayrhoffer say anything on muraja?

> > Seeking Sanskritists' help on the drum/big drum `muraja'.
> > Is it from Indo-Iranian heritage? Or,
> > Is Skt. muraja from Dravidian muracam? Classical Tamil
> > texts have royal drum, muracam/muracu/muraicu.
> > Usually, these muracam-s were kept on a decorated cot
> > in the palace. Sangam texts portray muracam-s being
> > carried by elephants and royal commands proclaimed.
> > Any comments on Skt. muraja and Ta. muracam?

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