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Georg von Simson g.v.simson at EAST.UIO.NO
Thu Jul 1 08:31:19 UTC 1999

>> (1)  zrutir vibhinnA smRtayash ca bhinnA
>> >        naiko munir yasya vacaH pramANam /
>> >        dharmasya tattvaM nihitaM guhAyAM
>> >        mahAjano yena gataH sa panthAH // (Mahabharata)
> I am quoting from memory, as I do not have reference books at
> hand. I am going home in August; I will then search
> for its source.
> Translation:
> The (view of) the (divine) Veda is different/divergent;
> different/divergent again are (the views of) the (man-made)
> law codes. There is no single sage/seer whose word/verdict
> is authoritative/acceptable (to all). The essence/principle of
> sacred duty is (thus) concealed in a cave (darkness)/
> is inaccessible. The (right) way (of conduct) (which is left
> for us) is that which is followed by the great men.
> Best wishes.

You find the verse in a slightly different form in the Bombay editions of
the Mahabharata (with Nilakantha's commentary), 3.113.117 (= Poona Ed. 3,
App. 32, line 65-68). The first line reads:

tarko 'pratiSThaH zrutayo vibhinnA

The rest is as quoted above. According to the Critical Edition, the verse
is found in no other ms. but in Dn (3 late Devanagari mss. containing
Nilakantha's commentary).

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