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N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Feb 26 17:01:26 UTC 1999

I gave George Hart saying that he has always argued that Potalaka
is Potiyil/Potikai in Tamilnadu.

Prof. P. Schalk, Uppsala university once informed me that
the word 'potiyil' is found in a Tamil inscription excavated
from Abhayagiri vihara (Anuradhapura)., a hot bed of Mahayana
activity in ancient times in Ceylon.

Does anyone know where this inscription is published?
In Sangam Tamil texts, 'potiyil' has two meanings:
1) As Mt. Potiyil (modern Potikai) and 2) as "public hall".
How many are Mount Potiyil and how many "public halls"
will be known once Dr. Chevillard gives all the data.

My guess is that the Abhayagiri vihAra inscription in Tamil
mentioning 'Potiyil' will be short and fragmentary and,
Hence, it will be hard to decide whether 'potiyil'
refers to Mt. Potiyil or "public hall".

N. Ganesan

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