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Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Feb 21 12:45:05 UTC 1999

>> ManjusrimUlakalpa was discovered by T. Ganapati Sastri
>>at Manalikkara maDam near the Malaya country. This is one of
>>the very, very few Mahayana works to be discovered in India proper.

DVN Sarma writes:
>If the discovery of manjusrImUlakalpa in kerala makes potiyil in
>tamilnadu  fit to be identified as Potalaka,

  FYI, the place of discovery of manjusrimulakalpa is
  in today's Tamilnadu.

>>The foremost teacher of vajrAyana is from the Malaya country
>>where Mt. Potikai/Potalaka is.

DVN Sarma asks:
>How do you know  they are foremost teachers. Did you get any
> additional material on them.

  Vajrabodhi from Malaya country/mountains went to Java
  and China to teach Vajrayana. He was sent by Pallava
  king, Narasimhavarman. This makes him a foremost teacher
  of Vajrayana.

  V. Iyer

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