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> > ManjusrimUlakalpa was discovered by T. Ganapati Sastri
> >at Manalikkara maDam near the Malaya country. This is one of
> >the very, very few Mahayana works to be discovered in India proper.

Dear Colleagues

There is a strange coincidence that relates La.NkAvatAra and
Ma~Nju/SrImUlakalpa. They are both very different from the bulk of
MahAyAna sUtras and very special is their ending. La.NkAvatAra
(in the Tibetan translation) ends with the word meaning
yathAlabdam. It is very unussual for the MahAyAna work as I know
and it is same ending as in Ma~Nju/SrImUlakalpa (Trivandrum
Sanskrit Series, 1925). The only other sUtra I know of that end with
this phrase is GaNdavyUha.

Does anybody know more about the history of
I heard that Nanjio used for his edition manuscript of La.NkAvatAra
in Malayalam, does anybody know the details?
Is there any manuscript of La.NkAvatAra in other South Indian


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