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N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Feb 21 12:25:14 UTC 1999

>Reasons for whether or not a particular country's computer industry is
>"behind" or "leading" are perhaps more meaningfully sought in the
>economic/political landscape of that country, the degree to which
>computers are used (and for what purpose), government support for
>computer development, employment opportunities, and so on.

I think the GOI's guidance and role in India's computer industry
is minimal. It was/is more of small companies and entrepreneurs.
In this, the Indian immigrants to US choosing to work in Computers
and their message to relatives in India played a major role.

The contrast with China: Many graduate students from there flock
to Graduate programs in aeronautics, military, etc., But, There is
little alliance in military matters between US and India.

Indians choosing computers is on their own, nothing to do with

Of course, in terms of goods exports to US, China far exceeds

N. Ganesan

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