Word splitting & hyphenation conventions inromantransliteration

birgit kellner kellner at IPC.HIROSHIMA-U.AC.JP
Sun Feb 21 06:51:41 UTC 1999

Petr Mares wrote:

> Birgit Kellner wrote:
> >
> > This suggests that the character of the script of a natural language has a
> > direct impact on whether or not the respective linguistic community
> > produces a significant amount of "advanced" computer programmers.

> Not necessary. Those were two things in the reply - not
> interconnected
> 1. No good programmers and no leading possitions in IT.
> 2. Difficoulty of computing industry due to enormous number of
> Characters and standards. There is for example more than 70 000
> DIFFERENT characters in Chinese tripitaka. There is over 20.000
> Different characters in Unicode. So the industry has to concentrate
> on dealing with many standards, BIG5, GB, HZ, Unicode etc in the
> firsthand. It is the main burden for the fast development.

Thank you for the clarification; you meant that the encoding of the
*target* natural language in which end-user products will be available
poses problems, I (mis)understood you to refer to the *medium*
(programming) language.

>From your first message it appeared that you DO draw a connection,
possibly a causal one, between (a) lack of computer programmers in the
People's Republic of China and (b) complications regarding the encoding
of the Chinese language, so that the latter would somehow be a reason
for the former. I would disagree on this point. But if you don't assume
such a connection, then that puts and end to this digression anyway.


birgit kellner
department for indian philosophy
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