Word splitting & hyphenation conventions inromantransliteration

Petr Mares erpet at COMP.CZ
Sun Feb 21 20:33:49 UTC 1999

> Thank you for the clarification; you meant that the encoding of the
> *target* natural language in which end-user products will be available
> poses problems, I (mis)understood you to refer to the *medium*
> (programming) language.
> >From your first message it appeared that you DO draw a connection,
> possibly a causal one, between (a) lack of computer programmers in the
> People's Republic of China and (b) complications regarding the encoding of
> the Chinese language, so that the latter would somehow be a reason for the
> former. I would disagree on this point. But if you don't assume such a
> connection, then that puts and end to this digression anyway.

I am sorry I did not write clearly what I meant. As I see it now, my
words may really suggest interconnection I did not meant. Those
were just two thoughts I supposed to demarcate.


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